Jacob Heflin

User Experience Lead

Jacob Heflin - User Experience Designer

Jacob Heflin is a User Experience Lead from Des Moines, IA.

I’ve spent 14 years and counting in the User Experience Design (UX) field covering research, interactive design and front-end development. Daily work life for me includes contributing to a SCRUM team, building up the UX discipline and managing design systems. Some of the tools that I use nearly every day are MIRO, Sketch, Qualtrics, Invision, Bootstrap and Google Analytics. This list would have looked fairly different 5 years ago and I am always looking to embrace new tools and techniques to help drive better design decisions.

I received my B.S. in Interactive Digital Media: Visual Imaging from Northwest Missouri State University in 2008 and married my wonderful wife Rosie in 2010. We have six children and they’re pretty awesome.

UXMC# 1027889

UXMC# 1027889

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